Artist's Statement / 創作理念

I am a ‘scholARTist’ who is enthusiastic about sound art and visual art in theory and practices. While enjoy conducting research projects, I also enjoy teaching, which is one of my favourite ways to share my passion of arts.

After attending Kent Institute of Art & Design, the Slade School of Fine Art of UCL and Royal College of Art to obtain my First-Class BA (Hons), MFA and MPhil in Printmaking, I went to the Department of Music at Goldsmiths for the PhD to develop my interest in Sound Art. Funded by ORSAS and the Department of Music at Goldsmiths, I completed my PhD in music with my PhD thesis “Mapping Sojourners’ Soundscapes— Listening experiences of Taipei Sojourners in London” in December 2009.

Being interested in cultural diversity and displacement, I have been employing a wide range of artistic media such as drawing, printmaking, bookmaking, typography, photography, video, audio, Internet and live performance to create artworks. Since 1998, my artworks have been exhibited at various venues nationally and internationally, such as the Royal Festival Hall (London), Brunel University (London), South Hill Park (Bracknell), Chinese Arts Centre (Manchester), Hwa-Shan Arts District (Taiwan) and 18th Street Arts Centre (USA).

In my current research, soundscape studies and mapping are the key elements. Integrated with my interest in sojourners’ cross-cultural listening experiences, the research process and outcomes are presented through academic papers (including Organised Sounds and Soundscape) and art practices of different media that interact with sounds, such as printmaking, artists’ books, Internet, live art and installations.

身為一名旅英多年的藝術家,我喜歡以聲音、錄像、版畫、藝術家的書(Artist’s Book)及肢體表演來探討、表達異鄉人在時間上與空間上所感受到的文化錯置的經驗。八十九年時,受曼徹斯特的Chinese Arts Centre的邀請,舉辦了我第一次的個展。九十一年時,我的錄像作品《蟬》在音樂人大衛鮑伊(David Bowie)的策劃下於倫敦的Royal Festival Hall展出。九十二年,我取得台灣文建會的贊助,到美國加州的Santa Monica駐村三個月。而最近幾年,我持續在英國與台灣得到各方贊助舉辦展覽,包括英國的Brunel大學、South Hill Park以及台灣的華山文藝區…等等。

在學術研究方面,我曾在倫敦大學Goldsmiths學院音樂系擔任兩年的聲音藝術(Phonography)兼任講師,也於許多國際會議上發表我的研究論文。其中有幾篇已刊登在學術刊物上,包括英國劍橋大學出版社出版的Organised Sound (2006: 37-44)