Teaching Ethos / 教學理念

I am a passionate and experienced art workshop leader. The quality of my workshops has been affirmed by the Community Arts Leader Award obtained in 2007. I deliver educational workshops for participants of all ages (3 years old and above) with diverse media, spanning from visual, audio to performance. In addition, because of my interest in cultural diversity, schools often approach me for  the following workshops:

Chinese rice-dough figuring, origami, paper cutting, shadow puppets, Chinese calligraphy, face/body painting fused with Chinese writing, learning Chinese through arts;

Printmaking, artist bookmaking, sound art (everyday environmental sounds particularly) and sound drawing... and many more.

In my workshops, I enjoy assisting students to develop their creativity and imagination. In the process of making artworks, I set challenges to the students and encourage them to experiment with intuition as well as systematic analysis. Students can learn not only skills but also enthusiasms of making artworks.


在我的藝術工作坊中,我不要求學生們個個都成為藝術家,但我會致力把他們的創造力與想像力激發出來。在協助學生們做創作的過程中,我會給予他們不同的挑戰,鼓勵學生們獨立思考、解決問題、探索個人潛力、發掘美學。工作坊的形式讓我能參與學生的創作過程,這是藝術創作時最有價值的部份, 我希望來到我工作坊的學生們,也能夠和我一起享受這段專注探索的過程!